What happens to your family pets following a relationship breakdown can be a cause of particular stress and worry. Many people regard their pets as members of the family and are surprised to learn that courts generally consider them to be mere possessions.

We can assist you in finalising arrangements for your pets with your ex-partner either by mediation or by arbitration using similar principles to those often utilised in children disputes. This can cover who the pet lives with, when the other person can see the pet, where that might take place and who is responsible for the pet’s up-keep, including vets’ bills and insurance.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which we will try to help you facilitate an agreement that is acceptable to you both.

If mediation is unsuccessful or you feel that agreement cannot be reached, then Arbitration is a way forward. We can agree a procedure in which we will listen to your views or you can provide us with your written views and Boyd Carter, who is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, will then consider if any further information is needed, perhaps from a pet behaviour specialist, before making a decision that will be binding on you both.

Please contact Boyd Carter to discuss either of these options and our charges for these services.