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Boyd Carter Solicitors & Mediators is a trading name of Albin & Co Ltd. We are a firm of solicitors, advocates and mediators that is Lexcel Quality Mark Accredited and hold contracts with the Legal Aid Agency for the provision of Civil Legal Advice and representation in Family Law matters from our Offices in Braintree, Essex. We also have Offices in Reading, Berkshire from where the company trades as Albin & Co Solicitors specialising in Criminal Law and Mental Health Law.

Family Law Disputes involving children
The Law Society Children Law Accreditation Scheme
Law Society Children Law Accreditation Scheme Logo

We are committed to providing the best quality advice and representation to all our clients. That's why as a specialist care lawyer Boyd Carter is a member of the Law Society's Children Law Accreditation Scheme (sometimes called the 'Children Panel').

Accredited expertise you can trust

Membership of the scheme means that lawyers have been assessed as having a high standard of knowledge and skill in representing adults and children under the Children Act 1989. Scheme members must have significant experience in dealing with matters under the Children Act. This includes providing advice and representation for:

  • children in all types of family matters, including care proceedings, or where they have been made a party to private law proceedings;
  • Adults (including parents, other relatives and carers) where children are 'at risk' or have been taken into care by the Local Authority;
  • Local Authorities, in care proceedings under the Children Act 1989.

The Children Law Accreditation Scheme provides a recognisable quality mark. The expertise of members of the Scheme is independently and rigorously assessed on a frequent basis.

Boyd Carter has been a member of the Law Society Children Panel (Children Representative) since 1994 and has conducted cases in Family Proceedings Courts, County Courts, the Principal Registry of the Family Division and the High Court of Justice Family Division.
Boyd can advise and, when necessary, represent mothers, fathers, children and other family members, such as Grand Parents, in disputes and Court proceedings in many kinds of cases involving children, including the following:
  • parental responsibility
  • residence
  • contact
   A useful guide can be found at:
  • the care of a child where a Local Authority is involved
   A useful Guide can be found at:
  • special guardianship and
  • adoption.
Boyd will also be happy to be appointed as a private independent mediator to try to facilitate a settlement in Children Act disputes between parents themselves, with other family members and, in accordance with the Public Law Outline, by local authorities prior to Care Proceedings being commenced. 
Please contact Boyd to discuss your requirements, his availability and the likely fees involved.
Legal Aid
In the event that you are eligible for Legal Help or Legal Aid we can assist you under those schemes as we hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency.
From 1st April 2013, the types of family cases that are eligible for Legal Aid were drastically reduced. In addition, in some cases where Legal Aid is now available, certain documentary evidence must be provided BEFORE Legal AId can be provided. Full details can be found at:
Legal Aid is only available in eligible cases where your financial situation falls within certain criteria. To check your financial eligibility go to:



Family & Matrimonial

Boyd Carter and Emma Reid are also Members of Resolution, which was formerly known as the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA), an organisation of lawyers who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters. The cornerstone of membership of Resolution is adherence to the Code of Practice, which sets out the principles of a non-confrontational approach to family law matters. The principles of the code are widely recognised and have been adopted by the Law Society as recommended good practice for all family lawyers. The code requires lawyers to deal with each other in a civilised way and to encourage their clients to put their differences aside and reach fair agreements.  You can find useful advice at:


In addition to our Children Act services, we also advise and assist in all other family and matrimonial matters, such as Divorce, Finances (Ancillary Relief), separations, co-habitation disputes, pre- and post- nuptual agreements, injunctions, Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders in Domestic Violence cases and other Emergency applications.
Useful practical Guidance can be found at:
Please contact Emma Reid to discuss your requirements and the likely fees involved if  you are not eligible for Public Funding.
Boyd is also qualified as a Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts Civil) and is a Member of the Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates.
Boyd is able to accept instructions to act as an advocate in all Civil Court proceedings. Where instructions are received from solicitors, these can be accepted even where your client already has the benefit of Public Funding.
Please contact Boyd to discuss your requirements, his availability and the likely fees involved.


Boyd Carter Solicitors & Mediators is Lexcel accredited.

Boyd Carter Solicitors & Mediators is a trading name of Albin & Co Limited (8355111) whose Registered Office is at 46A West Street, Reading, Berks, RG1 1TZ  where a list of directors can be inspected. Albin & Co Limited is Authorised & Regulated by theSolicitors Regulation Authority, the independent regulator of the Law Society of England and Wales (00591646) and is contracted with the LAA.

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  Civil & Commercial Mediation


A cheaper, quicker and less stressful way to resolve disputes!

Eventhough the law now requires you to consider other ways of resolving disputes instead of starting Court proceedings, in the current economic climate, mediation is an even more important tool in the dispute resolution box.
Boyd Carter is a Civil and Commercial Mediator trained in the Harvard Business School model of Principled Negotiation by the Stitt Feld Handy Group of Canada and accredited by ADR Chambers (UK) Ltd. With over 20 years experience in all manner of disputes (for example, boundary and neighbour disputes, partnership disputes, personal injuries, professional negligence, Wills, probate and intestacy disputes, contractual disputes, building disputes, business disputes and debt recovery), he has the skills and understanding to help you reach a settlement of your dispute.
Where both parties to a dispute agree, Boyd will act as an independent mediator to facilitate a settlement of your dispute that:
  • is acceptable to both sides,
  • is quicker, more cost-effective and cheaper than taking a case to Court,
  • is conciliatory so that  both parties are usually able to work together again in the future and
  • avoids a decision being imposed that pleases no-one.
Our fees are usually shared equally between both parties and should be paid in advance of the day of the mediation.
Mediation can be set up to take place at a venue and time (including weekends) that is convenient to both parties and, in some cases, can even be done by telephone or over the internet by web-cam.
Alternatively, if you require assistance with a mediation, Boyd can be instructed to represent you and is able to utilise his skills and knowledge of the mediation process to assist you in settling your dispute on terms that you are happy with.
If you already have a mediation set up but are looking for a venue, we have a Mediation Suite at our offices that is available for hire.
If you are interested in any of these services, please contact Boyd to discuss your requirements, how we can help you and our mediation fees.
There is no fee for an initial 30 minute discussion about the suitability of your case for mediation - you just pay for the cost of your call at your normal rates!

Independent Employment Appeals
Employers must have a Disciplinary Proceedure in place for dealing with any disputes that arise with Employees.
Under that scheme there is a legal requirement for an Employee to be able to Appeal against the original Investigatory decision if they feel that disciplinary action taken against them is wrong or unjust and should confirm the grounds of their Appeal in writing. Employees have the right to be accompanied by a fellow employee or trade union official at Appeal meetings.
Any such Appeal must be impartial and should, wherever possible, be carried out by a person who had no involvement in the original decision making process. This enables Employers to show that their procedures are fair and reasonable and can help to avoid Employees going on to bring claims in an Employment Tribunal or, where such a claim is brought, help the Employer defend any claim that their procedures were not fair or reasonable. 
This requirement can be difficult for sole-traders and small businesses to put in place effectively as, by their very nature, small businesses have a limited number of managers and in many cases all of these major decision makers will have been involved in the original investigation carried out into the Employee's dispute. Moreso if the dispute was into the conduct or behaviour of one of the managers of a small business.
In these cases, a good way of maintaining a fair and reasonable proceedure is to have an Independent 3rd Party carry out the Appeal in accordance with your Procedures, so that you can still have the protection that the law allows bigger firm's have due to their size and structure.
Small Businesses instruct Boyd Carter as an Independent Appeals Officer to conduct these Appeals and the Appeal Hearing can even be arranged to take place at our offices in Braintree and Reading for even more independence!
Please contact Boyd to discuss your requirements, his availability and the likely fees involved.