How we can help

In situations of domestic abuse urgent action is often required to protect the victim and any dependent children.

Our solicitors have years of experience in helping victims of domestic abuse and can assist in the following areas;

  • Representing you in and application to the court for a non molestation order to protect you from harassment or threats of violence or violence. If the requirement for protection is immediate we can make this application on the same day as you instruct us or as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Representing you in an application for an occupation order to exclude the alleged perpetrator from your home.
  • Offer practical support in terms of referring you to agencies within the area who can offer counselling or temporary housing.
  • Advising you on how best to safeguard the interests of any dependent children caught up in a situation of domestic abuse.

If you are the alleged perpetrator of domestic abuse, we can represent you in an application made against you for an injunction or give you advice on how to represent yourself in these proceedings if you wish to do so.